Investing in Gypsum Businesses and Factories

Merger & Acquisition Activities

The gypsum industry has seen its share of purchase, merger and divestiture activity over the years and this is unlikely to stop at this point in time. There are three key stages to an acquisition: planning and target identification, successful transaction completion and subsequent successful integration. Successful experience in all three of these stages is a significant part of our offering.

The planning stage involves understanding the market, the competitors and the legal dynamics in the environment so that the purchaser is fully ready to act in advance of the opportunity. The transaction stage involves understanding what is needed to make the transaction successful and being prepared to walk away as soon is these needs cannot be met. The integration stage deals with the absorption of the acquisition into the new organization while keeping the features of the previous business that made it attractive in the first place. Understanding the potential synergies and moving quickly to achieve them is also critical to the integration success.

Due Diligence

A key component of the Transaction stage is due diligence evaluations of gypsum assets such as mines, supply agreements, plans for new gypsum factories or equipment upgrades and expansions of existing factories. We can help you to make the right choice.

Examples of past work include:
Design Specification
Design Specification

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