Gypsum Calcination

Do you have natural or synthetic gypsum that you want to evaluate as stucco or plaster?  Do you want to estimate the properties of a stucco made from a particular gypsum before building a gypsum board plant?

At Innogyps, we have developed equipment to evaluate gypsum calcination on a small, laboratory scale.  Specifically, we operate an 80 liter electrically heated continuous kettle calciner that produces stucco at a rate of 10 kg/ hour.  The calcination is controlled by a thermocouple within the stucco bed that changes the feed to maintain a constant temperature, just like a full sized industrial calciner.  Calcination temperature can be set at approximately 135-180C and can be tuned to minimize residual gypsum and soluble anhydrite production and maximize hemihydrate production.  The kettle stirring rate can be adjusted by a variable DC motor controller and all calcination exhaust is drawn through a cyclone and baghouse dust collection system.

Innogyps has extensive experience in performing calcinations on natural rock gypsum, FGD / DSG and phosphogypsum and can help you to evaluate your gypsum.  We have the capability to dry, crush and grind if your gypsum material is not yet processed.   We can also operate the kettle batchwise to produce high water demand wall plasters or low water demand aridized plaster for moulding or casting applications.

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Gypsum Feeder
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Continuous Lab Kettle Calciner

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