Do you need access to current technical resources and training in gypsum technology to enable you to compete? If this is not available in-house, then Innogyps has the solution for you. Our new service, GypSource, provides online access to Innogyps’ collection of gypsum information including training presentations, test methods and calculator tools.

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Innovation Driving Gypsum Growth

Leading the global gypsum industry in research, technology and market intelligence.

Innogyps, established in 1997, has become the preferred independent global gypsum consulting and research company.

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Gypsum Consultants

Gypsum Consultants

We offer confidential technical and business related gypsum project services including personal consultations, site visits and lab work. We have operations and management experience in all aspects of the gypsum industry.

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Gypsum Lab Services

Gypsum Lab Services

We operate a full gypsum lab facility that can crush, grind and mill rock, dry FGD, calcine to stucco or plaster and make lab-scale board samples. We provide analysis of gypsum and gypsum products.

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Gypsum Training & Information

Gypsum Training & Information

Need to learn about the gypsum business, products, and manufacturing processes from around the world? We provide in person training programs, on-line training courses, and topic based reports and presentations for immediate download.

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